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Lives Set Apart

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Restoring Hope Village is a group of homes for orphaned Children. Restoring Hope takes children that have been neglected and abused, and gives them a home where often they feel loved for the first time.

The goal of Restoring Hope Village is to break the cycle of sickness and death that bring these children to us, and to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the children God gives us.
Ultimately, we hope that these children will be equipped to become productive members of their community, prepared to replicate with others the work that God has done in them.  Restoring Hope Village cares for every age, from infancy until the child is mature and able to care for themselves.  
The Village employs local houseparents, who live with 6 children in a small house, as much as possible providing a family-type atmosphere.  The houseparents provide the daily care for the children - cooking, cleaning, laundry, discipline and love.  While we can never restore the biological family, the children bond together with one another and with their houseparents.  This means that we face most of the same challenges and blessings of normal families…and then some!
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Coming from a culture so clearly impacted by HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and other illness we deal with many children who have been exposed to illness themselves.  No child is turned away because of sickness.  A healthy diet, warmth, security and love often quickly transform previously ill children into pictures of health.
As you might expect, many of the children come with serious emotional, physical and spiritual baggage.  Some of the children come from abusive backgrounds.  Often genuine love and nurturing help to heal these wounds.  Our children have access to ongoing Christ-centered teaching and counseling.  Only Jesus can heal the wounds of broken hearts.  It is beautiful to see the growth that occurs when a child is truly united with Him.
Restoring Hope Village operates on faith.  We receive small government grants, albeit inconsistently.  These grants are not enough to truly provide the care these children need.  The bulk of our operations budget comes through private donations.  Churches, individuals, clubs, even small children have contributed to God's work here.
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