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About Restoring Hope International

Restoring Hope International is a Christian non-profit organization whose aim is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of poverty stricken children around the world.  Founded in 2008, RHI has established Restoring Hope Village in Welkom South Africa.  RHI is unique in that its mission is not simply humanitarian in the feeding, clothing and educating of children.  The vision driving RHI is focused on the principle that Jesus Christ transforms lives.  Children who previously had very little hope are introduced to the giver of eternal hope.  Meeting physical, spiritual and emotional needs starts with an eternal relationship with Jesus, and flows from there to impact every aspect of a child's life.  RHI would love to share these stories of transformation with you.  
RHI is committed to sound fiscal management.   Through the faithful service of volunteers and committed board members RHI keeps its home office expenses very low.  During each year of operation over
95%  of funds received by Restoring Hope International are used directly for ministry expenses. Partnering with RHI ensures that your contributions are used effectively where they are needed most.
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